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Technology Roadmap

Welcome to the Defactor Technology & Innovation Roadmap! Our primary goal is to merge Real-World Assets (RWA) with Decentralised Finance (DeFi), pushing the boundaries of what's achievable. As an open-source project, we are committed to expanding the ecosystem and building on existing protocols. Below is our detailed roadmap outlining the key milestones we aim to achieve.

Our roadmap is a testament to our dedication to innovate and grow in the DeFi and RWA convergence space. The milestones outlined below highlight our strategic direction and the innovations we plan to bring to the ecosystem.

Milestone Statuses

  • ⚪ Not Started - Work on the milestone has not yet begun.
  • 🔵 Upcoming - The milestone is scheduled to start in the near future.
  • 🟡 In Progress - Work on the milestone is currently underway.
  • 🟢 Completed - The milestone has been fully achieved.


First Half (H1)

Publish Tech & Innovation RoadmapOutlining our strategic direction.🟢 Completed
Establish the Innovation DivisionFostering creativity and exploration within our team.🟢 Completed
Develop a Bounty ProgramIncentivize community participation.🟢 Completed
Roll Out engage.defactor.comA platform for engaging with our community.🟢 Completed

Second Half (H2)

Deploy Backback ContractAudited Smart Contract for FACTR token Buybacks🟢 Completed
Develop a Tokenisation EngineSupporting multiple asset classes.🟡 In Progress
Launch defactor poolsA platform combining RWA and DeFi.🟢 Completed
Investigate AI in RWA AdoptionExploring AI's potential in accelerating RWA adoption.🟢 Completed


First Half (H1)

Precious Metal Pool v2Updated features and UI🟡 In Progress
Open Source SDK and UI ToolkitDesign and Develop Open-Source DeFi Toolkit Empowering developers to build on our platform.🟡 In Progress
Pools Version 2Updated React UI showcasing with adequate liquidity on uniswap🔵 Upcoming
Music Royalties Pool v1Defactor pools instance for tokenized music assets🔵 Upcoming
Crypto market Maker v1SME Lending Pool for Market Maker🔵 Upcoming
Migrate Legacy CustomersMigrate legacy customers over to latest Version of Defactor Pools🔵 Upcoming
Engage v2New UX design using react framework for engage App including Buyback Dashboard🔵 Upcoming
Precious Metal Pool 3Using new React Framework UI🔵 Upcoming
Credit rating SystemImplementation Credit Ratings in LatAm🔵 Upcoming

Second Half (H2)

Conduct Performance TestsOn EVM-compatible networks and enterprise applications.⚪ Not Started
SAP / ERP POCProof of concept for SAP Enterprise Resource Management⚪ Not Started
Defactor ChainPilot a new blockchain infrastructure layer⚪ Not Started
Assets v2Beta launch of first assets customer⚪ Not Started
RWA AI POCUse Artificial Intelligence to generate legal agreements⚪ Not Started
Pilot Bounty 2.0 ProjectsExpanding community-driven initiatives.⚪ Not Started
Extend the Open Source DeFi ToolkitProviding additional functionalities.⚪ Not Started

This roadmap represents our commitment to technological excellence and innovation in the DeFi space. Stay tuned for more updates as we progress towards these milestones.

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