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Defactor Tech Stack

At Defactor, we employ a sophisticated technology stack to ensure our solutions are both powerful and resilient.

Core Technologies

  • EVM Blockchain Integration: We integrate with EVM-compatible blockchains, like Polygon, to provide secure and scalable decentralized applications.
  • React: Leveraging this library, we build dynamic user interfaces for our web applications.
  • Hasura: Offering a real-time GraphQL API over PostgreSQL, Hasura facilitates efficient data management with built-in authorization.
  • Hapi: This framework enables us to construct versatile applications and services with a focus on reusability.
  • Node.js: We utilize Node.js for its efficiency in building scalable network applications.
  • Docker: Docker's containerization technology allows us to deliver software reliably.
  • Kubernetes: We orchestrate our containerized applications with Kubernetes, enhancing deployment and scalability.

Infrastructure Overview

Defactor Technology Stack

Web Application

Our web applications are crafted using React.js, Apollo Client, GraphQL, and Material UI to ensure they are both robust and user-friendly.

UI Kit

Our UI Kit is an open-source collection of React components designed for easy integration into Defactor front-ends. It ensures visual consistency across our tools and accelerates the development process. Access the UI Kit on our GitHub repository.

Backend Architecture

Defactor SDK

The Defactor SDK is an open-source Node.js module that standardizes backend development, promoting best practices as defined by our core team. It streamlines the creation of backend services. Visit the SDK GitHub repository for more details.

Hasura GraphQL Server

Hasura enhances our PostgreSQL database operations with a robust GraphQL API, simplifying CRUD actions and supporting custom REST extensions for intricate business logic.

Hapi REST Server

For custom RESTful needs, we rely on for its simplicity and efficiency in developing scalable server-side solutions.

EVM Blockchain Integration

We harness the power of multiple Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains, such as Polygon, to benefit from rapid transactions and minimal fees, providing a formidable foundation for our decentralized applications.

EVM Compatible Blockchain Networks

Defactor is building smart contracts to be deployed on EVM compatible networks:

Kubernetes Cluster

Our Kubernetes infrastructure guarantees service availability and resilience by isolating modules, minimizing the risk of systemic failures and optimizing for our unique operational needs.

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